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Loc de muncă: PhD in Occupational Health

Poziţii: 2

Ţara: Suedia


Tip post: full time

Salariu: 3300 - 6500 euro

Data expirării: 29/09/2011

Descriere job

Post Doc or PhD in occupational health research Description of responsibilities: We have since January a program supported by FAS, which has the task of building up this program of research on occupational health practice. The goal of the program is developing and implementing cost-effective evidence-based approaches to occupational health services with a focus on health promotion, primary prevention and rehabilitation. Methods under consideration will be valued based on its effects on work capacity (health, lifestyle, job satisfaction, etc.), performance, absenteeism, and economic effects on business as well as at the community level. Research is conducted in close cooperation with the occupational health and its customers. Our research is interdisciplinary and consists of approximately 18 employees. We are currently seeking a post doc. or graduate student who wants to be involved in developing occupational health research under the above program support. When the program is relatively new is the opportunity to contribute their own research questions and participate in building the business

Cerinţe job

Description of Qualifications: Eligible applicants must have completed courses in the professional groups that are represented in occupational health such as doctors, nurses, behavioral scientists, physiotherapist, ergonomist or equivalent. It is an advantage if you have work experience and experience working in occupational health. If you are looking for postdoctoral service should have PhD in a relevant subject for the call, such as occupational health, health economics, organizational psychology, etc. Since we are working on building a scientifically strong, durable and attractive program for research in occupational health practice you should have a genuine interest in this particular area of research. Qualities we value the independence, creativity, commitment, good interpersonal skills and accuracy.

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