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Loc de muncă: operator production line

Poziţii: 2

Ţara: Belgia


Tip post: full time

Salariu: 1500 - 1800 euro

Data expirării: 12/08/2011

Descriere job

You will get a on the job training from the first day of your work and you will be assisted by the other team members/colleagues technicians.
You will operate the production line.
All the machines are automatically operated (CNC machines)
Mainly you will:
• You will received an order and you will put all the information from this document to the machines, in order to produced the right end product
• You will set up the machine: this means such elements as: (przekroj blachy), weight, thickness, length etc.
• You will set up the procent of the elongation (= ustawianie procentu elungacji) to znaczy pozbawianie metalu pewnych funcji np stopnia elastycznosci itd.
• You will cut steel to get the right size of the steel
Your additional responsibilities if some problem occurs could be: (in cooperation with other colleagues/mechanics)
• Mounting and demounting the parts of machines/production lines during the summer and winter holiday
• Check if something is not broken, unfinished, and if needed replacement of the parts and have continuity in the production.
• Repair of mechanical and electrical parts
• Checking of filters and replacement of engines
• Lubrication elements in machines – which should be a routine, daily business
• Sometimes you will participate on a small project works
Depending on your qualifications there are possibilities of growing in the company and getting more responsibilities.

Which machines are there?
Push Pull Pickling-line: this is no-continuĂŤ a beitsline. This means that one steel role by steel role works. Positively: it does not make from which role goes. Negatively: time loss
No special mechanics: only cylinders, hydraulics and mechanica.
2 cutting lines: the roles are cut to waste in the breadth to plates.
here too no special mechanics: engines and hydraulics
1 slitteerlijn: this machine makes of 1 large role smaller rolls. This time in the length.

Cerinţe job

Language skills: English or German language, communicative (the candidate should be able to report in a given language the problems, or ask for information at the workplace)
Experience with the operating of production lines is required.
Good knowledge of pneumatics and mechanics of production machines
• Ability to welding within MIG and/or TIG method is a plus
• (it is the best if the candidate have the certificates)
• A minimum of three and four years in a similar position

Mechanics of machine/production lines or Electromecanics

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