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Loc de muncă: carpenter CNC

Poziţii: 2

Ţara: Belgia


Tip post: full time

Salariu: 1500 - 1800 euro

Data expirării: 12/08/2011

Descriere job

At first our candidates will be charged with the assemble of all wooden stairs, according to technical plans. Afterwards, they may be sent out for the assembly at sites, or will be charges with other responsibilities (eg. Productions of wooden mini-van walls, painting and varnishing.)
- Our candidates need to fulfil all-round carpentry-task. Eg. According to technical plans they need to saw, sand, drill, mill wooden parts. Afterword they need to assemble all parts, onto the main beams (who will be prepared with CNC-milling machines). Candidates need to know how to work with CNC-steered machines. (Machines used: Weinig Unimat 500, SCM, Magic M 80)
- All balustrades and platforms need to be sawed and cutt out.
Sides and edges must be rounded.
- All stairs and parts are a first time assembled in the production hall. Afterwards they are braught to the sites, were they will be anchored into existing constructions.
- SURPLUS: knowledge of painting and varnishing furniture/doors with an airless pistol. Our client may ask our candidates to help out in the paintcabinet! This is however when confronted with a lack of work!
- From time to time our workers need to produce wooden/cardboard walls / anti slip floors for minivans. (Our client has a contract with Car production company Ford, for the production of walls and anti-slip floors for Ford Transit buses.
- From time to time: making interior doors. Milling openings and fitting joints and locks.

Wood used; oak, leaf and rubber wood!
All work needs to be fulfilled accurate, with eye for quality, in a clean manner with respect for collegue, products and machines.

Cerinţe job

Language knowledge: Communicative English
Others: Communicativ German is also accepted
• Kandidates must be between 30 and 40 years old!
• A lot of experience as a carpenter
• Experience with CNC-steered machines
• Experience with assembly at sites and production of stairs
• Carpentry

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