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Loc de muncă: Private Hire Taxi Driver

Poziţii: 6

Ţara: Anglia (Marea Britanie)


Tip post: full time

Salariu: 1600 - 2000 lire

Data expirării: 21/08/2011

Descriere job

OVER 6,800 Europeans sent to the UK, Germany & Ireland since May, 2004, we are the unrivalled leaders in the field of driver recruitment.


Driver Providers recruit from the whole of Europe.

From August 2011, driver/knowledge assessments AND further training (if required - PRAGUE) will take place every Monday in Prague, Czech Republic for Western European applicants and monthly assessments (normally the first Monday of each month) but on this occasion, Monday the 22nd of August, in Bucharest, Romania for Eastern European applicants. The Romanian venue will be the IBIS hotel (Gara de Nord) at 10am.

This advert gives details of current vacancies, the available start dates and the material that must be learnt prior to arrival in either Prague or Bucharest. It is not an invitation to attend

You have to select one or more destinations from those available below, obtain the necessary documents and advise us of the earliest date you can arrive. We can then tell you if this is still available as these positions go very quickly.


If you ask questions that are answered below, we must assume that your English is not good enough for the job. Basic, beginner English is NOT ACCEPTABLE for these positions. The most common question we are asked is what do I do next?
The answer? READ THE ADVERT!


Prague assessments are held every Monday at our offices in Prague in August at 0900 (8, 15, 22, 29 August 2011) at 0900. The 2nd Bucharest assessment will take place on Monday 22 August in central Bucharest at the IBIS hotel (Gara de Nord). There is considerable expense in travelling from our central European offices, locating hotels and meeting rooms for several days and the engagement of professional driving assessors. For this first Romanian assessment exercises (Tuesday 2 & 22 August) there will be no charge but from September onwards there will be a 50 euro fee (but no fee for those attending Prague assessments).

There will be no courses run in Bucharest yet, this assessment is just that, an assessment. It will prove (or disprove) that you have learnt the material and can drive safely. You will then be issued with maps for orientation.

Earlier date applicants are always given priority. RESPOND QUICKLY!


You learn only the material relevant to your selected city - not all of the cities!

Latest vacancies (new vacancies every week):

Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Taxi Drivers (No experience required) MEN OR WOMEN, unless stated:

1 position in busy Stockton (must have a previously obtained UK national insurance number and UK driving licence for this town only)
4 positions in Croydon (Surrey) NEW! Only for those who already hold a PCO licence
2 positions in Plymouth (Devon)
2 position in Carlisle (Cumbria) Now Filled
2 positions in rural Marlborough (Wiltshire)
3 positions North Herts (additional places)
1 executive chauffeur position in affluent Reigate (Surrey)
2 positions in Private Hire company in Reigate & Banstead (Surrey)
2 positions in Yeovil (Somerset)

Other Romanians already at all the above companies.

Coming soon:

Bradford (West Yorkshire), West Cheshire, Chester (Cheshire), Guildford (Surrey), Exeter (Devon), Kettering (Northamptonshire)
Multi-cities (must have good level of German language).
Dublin (Ireland)
Dingwall (Highlands), Edinburgh (Lothian)
Wrexham (North Wales)

Different towns/cities have different rules on the time you have held your driving licence, all insist on a minimum 12 months, some up to three years. When applying, advise us of the length of time you have held your licence. The population of a particular destination is totally irrelevant to earnings. London is the biggest city with probably the lowest driver earnings and a minimum 12 months to obtain the licence! Smaller towns and villages are often better than big cities as public transport is poor or unavailable (once a day and non-existent at weekends) thus making taxis the only choice in getting around.

What are these UK taxi companies looking for?

They are looking for mature (you can be mature at 25 and immature at 50) men and women who seek to make a career with them. They want calm tempered, non-aggressive drivers who will treat customers, colleagues and other drivers with respect and dignity. Those with an attitude problem, argumentative/aggressive do not get past me at the assessment stage. Petrol/diesel/rent/accommodation/electricity/gas/water are not free in the UK (just as they aren't in your country), you must understand this.

How long will I be in Prague/Bucharest?

Short courses (as little as a single day if you have learnt the pre-supplied material prior to arrival), departure to UK from Budapest or Bucharest. The duration of your stay in Prague/Bucharest is largely dependent on you, your capacity to learn, how you apply yourself during your stay and if pre-supplied with some of the course material, how much you learn prior to arrival. For Bucharest, you only have one chance, know it or you blow it!


Bucharest (unlike Prague) is strictly, a single day clearing house to test that you can drive safely and have learnt the pre-supplied material. If you have not bothered to learn the material, do not bother coming.


• you have not bothered to learn the supplied material (you will be rejected)
• you are not a citizen of an EU member state (residents are not citizens)
• are below the age of 25
• have ANY driving convictions/speeding tickets in the last 3 years
• have EVER had a drink driving conviction
• are a poor driver
• cannot converse comfortably in English.

Cerinţe job


• You must be 25 or older (for insurance purposes), have NO criminal convictions and NO driving convictions/speeding tickets at all in the last three years
• You must have a EU member state driving licence (example: UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia etc). This is not a different licence, simply a national licence that is issued by a EU member state.
• Your level of conversational English must be medium to good (basic English is not acceptable).
• You must be prepared to travel to Prague/Bucharest to attend the course with the required documents (criminal record check, driving conviction report and a DVLA medical form (available from me) completed by your doctor. The first two need to be translated into English and notarised.
• You need either a EU member state passport OR a EU member state ID Card to travel to the UK

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